While the Bitcoin wars are raging and the price is sky-high, Dash looks into the future by learning from the mistakes of others. Becoming mainstream and used worldwide is still the mission for Dash.

While Bitcoin might become so overpriced and precious that it would have to be kept in a vault, Dash still moves in to put digital cash in anyone’s pocket for everyday use. While the Bitcoin pre-split battles are raging, Dash is focusing on the future.

Craig Wright, the chief scientist of nChain, sees Dash as competing with Bitcoin Cash on providing a fast enough network for everyday transactions. Currently, he sees Bitcoin Cash winning. And the Bitcoin Cash community is making sincere efforts to popularize the coin and make it easier for businesses to accept and carry.

But Evan Duffield, founder of Dash, believes he has better answers by scaling sooner. Duffield wrote in a Medium blog:

“Because companies are interested in Dash now, we realize that we must begin scaling immediately. When the first version of Dash Evolution is released next year, we anticipate even greater interest and consequently must ensure that our network’s capacity increases rapidly. In order to fulfill our goals of scalability, Dash will begin supporting 2MB blocks beginning in Q4 of this year.”

Bitcoin Cash relies on larger block size to speed up transactions. But Dash has a two-tier system that allows un-mined and unverified transactions to still be trusted. And Dash has been around longer, and has added more than 400 businesses to its roster. In addition, Dash will soon be available through the Wirex debit cards, allowing even more spending flexibility.

Recently, Dash has added to a small, but useful service, making a link from SEPA transactions into the world of cryptocurrencies Piixpay is available for European customers and shows that indeed, Dash is competing to a degree with Bitcoin Cash.

The service allows users to fund their account through SEPA transactions and send Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash to friends or family.

The only problem is, users would still have to know what a wallet address is and how to use it. Dash still has the advantage of being available through BitPanda, one of the most widely used European services. Currently, the DASH token has stabilized around $300, off the recent peak around $350.