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Celox Live is a forex & crypto trading platform that takes traditional FX brokerage model to the next generation with cryptocurrency for deposit and trade settlement in addition to the regular Fiat currency trading possibilities. This allows Celox Live to offer higher leverage, a diverse array of trading instruments.

Celox Live is an offshore Forex broker who allows traders to deposit via Bitcoin as well as bank transfer and credit cards.

Since Bitcoin is pseudonymous (not 100% anonymous!!!), it is not obvious without great effort exactly who is the source of deposits and the recipient of withdrawals.


Trading Account Types

Celox Live provides one account type that is raw spread and commission trading for all trading pairs on their trading platform, and allows hedgingscalping and trading through expert advisors.

Traders can trade with up to:

  • 10:1 leverage on cryptocurrency pairs such us BTC/USD
  • 300:1 leverage on Forex.
  • 100:1 leverage on Commodities and indices .

Celox Live features narrow spreads across all trading pairs,. The spreads are fixed and variable.

All account types come with negative balance protection. Since Forex markets are not continuous, the price can fluctuate between the end of one session and the beginning of another. Therefore, it is possible to end up with a negative balance in your account.

Even if you have stop-losses set that would normally be triggered by a price move, if the market is not in session at that time, your stop-loss order will not be executed. In this case, the account balance is set to 0 and your negative balance will be wiped out.

In addition to the real accounts, Celox Live also provides free demo accounts on their demo server. These demo accounts do not expire.

Celox live account types
Celox live account types


The Company

Celox Live was founded in 2020. Celox Live , which is an IBC (International Business Company), is behind the Celox Live brokerage and is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Many offshore forex brokerages are based there due to the simple and inexpensive registration process and hands-off approach taken by the regulatory agencies there.

Consequently, many regulations you may be familiar with in dealing with other Forex brokers do not apply to Celox Live.

Whether this is a bad thing might be considered a matter of personal opinion.


Security of Funds

Since Celox Live is operated by an IBC, safeguards such as keeping client funds in segregated accounts and keeping a minimum amount of capital on hand are not required to be implemented. but at the same time they still perform this action in order to provide higher security for the funds of their clients.

International security standard

Internal procedures of the company are based on the PCI DSS security standard, which involves a complex approach to information security of the clients’ data.

Data storage protection

Data of users is protected not only while transferring between the company’s website and the browser, we also provide an encryption of all stored information that helps to prevent unauthorized access to the data of our clients.

Protection from Negative Balance

Celox company makes compensations of the clients’ losses that exceed the amount of funds on their trading accounts. This means that when negative balance takes place because of a sharp movement on the market, it will be set to zero in order to protect the clients from the unexpected losses.

Multilevel system of servers

Infrastructure, which consists of multiple servers, supports uninterrupted work of the system. And a complex scheme of data backup helps to prevent loss of the clients’ information (personal data, history of commercial transactions, etc.) in any situation.

Data Transfer Protection

Data transfer via an SSL security connection with encryption of information helps to prevent the interception of user data by a third party while working with the website, no matter where you are.

Celox forex Trading
Celox forex Trading

Platform & Trading Conditions

Celox Live supports a trading patform that offers thrading through desktop, web and mobile versions.

Everything you need to analyze the market, trade, or create and utilize Expert Advisors is all there. The  Platform supports any browser or operating system (i.e., Windows, Linux, Mac) with no software download required. ( but is optional)

Celox Live leverages a worldwide network of datacenters to ensure excellent connectivity in all regions of the world.

Celox Market’s execution model is STP, or Straight-Through Processing

This model avoids the use of a dealing desk and directly sends your orders to liquidity providers. Celox ’s support team is available through e-mail during Forex market hours.

Most major currency pairs such as EUR/USD and more…


In addition to Forex, Celox Live also allows trading in commodities, indices (using CFDs) and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency pairs cross cryptocurrencies with the U.S. dollar, Euro, Yen, Chinese Yuan, Gold and Oil. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are also crossed with each other.



Celox Live opens up Forex to those who are coming from the world of cryptocurrency.

And it does this wit an easy to understand trading platform and solid trading conditions

Those who take privacy seriously will appreciate Celox Live’ way of handling accounts.

their market analysis nd market report which is continues fly updated as great assets to have for any broker as it gives the trader this much needed extra information to come to better trading decisions.

the rates are fair and the they offer more then enough for most traders when it comes to assets for trading.

if you are professional trader this broker most likely will not be good enough for you but if you are beginner or someone that ahs been trading as a day trader and just look to open a few position a week , this broker will be able to accommodate you nicely.


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