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First Ever Hearing On Cryptocurrencies, ICOs by the House Subcommittee

House Subcommittee Holds First Ever Hearing On Cryptocurrencies, ICOs

House Hosts Crypto Meeting for “Clarity” on Regulations

The US House of Representatives finally gave ear to the emerging cryptocurrency market this Monday.  Mid-morning on March 14th, 2018, the Capital Markets, Securities, and Investments subcommittee held a testimony entitled “Examining Cryptocurrencies and ICO markets.”

The hearing took place in the Rayburn House Office Building, featuring a number of key industry movers as participants. For witnesses, the subcommittee invited Mike Lempres (Chief Legal and Risk Operator at Coinbase), Robert Rosenblum (partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati), Peter Van Valkenburgh (Director of Research at Coin Center), and Dr. Chris Brummer (Professor of Law at Georgetown University).

Rayburn House Office Building for First Ever Hearing On Cryptocurrencies
Rayburn House Office Building for First Ever Hearing On Cryptocurrencies

According to the hearing’s memorandum, the subcommittee intends to “conduct an overview of the cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) markets.”  As a burgeoning asset class, cryptocurrencies “have been growing rapidly, attracting significant attention from investors and start-up enterprises in search of capital,” the memo states.

The hearing seems to suggest, if anything, that the market’s exponential growth has given sway to the House’s attention.

“review the adherence to applicable laws so that investors receive the full protections afforded by the federal securities laws.”

regulatory approach that regulators will take in the first Hearing On Cryptocurrencies
Regulatory approach that regulators will take in the first Hearing On Cryptocurrencies

It’s a topic US officials feel that they can no longer ignore, and the subcommittee will look to survey the “efficiencies and potential capital formation” that cryptocurrencies and ICOs offer, with an aim  to “review the adherence to applicable laws so that investors receive the full protections afforded by the federal securities laws.”

This will include “[considering] the current regulatory approach that regulators, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, are using to monitor and oversee cryptocurrencies and ICOs and how to achieve further regulatory clarity in these markets.”

Hopefully, “clarity” will be one of the takeaways from the hearing.  The US Senate only recently held its own hearing regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. ‘

Jay Clayton of the SEC and Christ Giancarlo of the CFTC both gave testimony, vouching for their respective agencies’ roles in the matter and the regulatory parameters currently in place.

Still, the meeting breached (but did not clarify) the topic of regulation in the United States.

With the IRS labeling crypto as property for tax purposes, the SEC branding ICOs and their tokens as securities, and a federal judge ruling on behalf of the CFTC that cryptos are commodities, the US’s regulatory landscape is charted but ill-mapped.

The question still remains as to what form regulations will take and how US legislators intend to define cryptocurrencies in formal policy and legislation.

Hopefully, the House’s hearing will clear up some discrepancies and misinformation to give US citizens a clearer direction as to where crypto regulations are headed in the future.

First Ever Hearing On Cryptocurrencies, ICOs by the House Subcommittee

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Three ways to invest in crypto without buying any

Three ways to invest in crypto without buying any

The Global Investors have good reason to be concerned about buying into the cryptocurrency craze. But any self respecting Investor will always have concerns.

Some of the world’s most respected money managers and central bankers have declared bitcoin and its various competing digital coins to be in a bubble, warning buying them is closer to gambling than investing. i have to agree for some of the IO’s and some of the crypto’s but this period is also needed to weed them out.

There is of course some self interest in this and it is easier to say afterwards i was right when staying on the sidelines.

Some investors also do not grasp the concept of investing in something with no physical form and yet have no problem understanding radio adverting. .

The concept that a bitcoin only exists as a few lines of unique computer code makes it hard for them to envision this, yet also here nowadays you deal as they do with larger amounts only with digital money through the bank , just ones and zeroes as no real physical funds are send from one bank to another when a money transfer is being made.

For those not dissuaded by the former by this concept, there is a way to overcome the latter: by investing in producers of the complex machinery required to maintain the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Here a few examples of Three ways to invest in crypto

Number 1 of Three ways to invest in cryptocurrencies


Before the crypto world ran on specialized ASIC chips, it ran on plain old graphics processing units (GPUs).Image result for AMD logo

Bitcoin and various other coins started with GPUs, which exist in every personal computer to handle the showing of videos and the playing of video games, but have since moved on to an ASIC-based ecosystem.

Yet there are still hundreds of digital coins being supported by GPUs, including some of the largest bitcoin rivals like Ethereum and Monero.

“Crypto appears to be helping Advanced Micro Devices disproportionately,”

BMO semiconductor analyst Ambrish Srivastava told clients in a research note published last month.

According to Mercury Research, nearly four million GPUs were sold in the final three months of 2017 solely to mine various cryptocurrencies and process their transactions.

That amount more than doubled crypto-based GPU demand in the prior three-month period and the BMO report found AMD commanded a whopping 64 per cent of the market for crypto GPUs.

The rising tide of crypto demand for GPUs is raising all boats to some extent, with chief AMD rival Nvidia reportedly hiking prices by more than 80 per cent for its own graphics processors.

one company that is likely to cash on on this new industry !!

Number 2 of Three ways to invest in cryptocurrencies


While this Chinese company remains privately held, it is by far the world’s largest producer of ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chips specially designed to mine bitcoin.

It doesn’t just produce and sell those mining units around the world, but the company is also believed to control one the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining operations, built using its own technology.

Right now it takes a high-profile investor – the likes of Sequoia Capital or IDG Capital – to be able to buy a piece of Bitmain, but the company said in August 2017 that it was weighing an initial public offering, so retail investors may eventually gain an inroad.


Number 3 of Three ways to invest in cryptocurrencies


Outside of Bitmain, there is only one other major global crypto-focused ASIC producer: Amsterdam-based BitFury Group. Image result for BitFury Group

Unlike Bitmain, which sells individual ASIC chips, Bitfury sells what it calls a BlockBox: 100,000 ASIC chips crammed into a 40-foot shipping container capable of mining nearly 50 bitcoins per month (based on the coin’s market value at the end of January 2018).

BitFury is also privately held, but a reverse takeover-style agreement struck with Vancouver-based Hut 8 Mining late last year has opened up an opportunity for Canadians to invest directly in crypto mining infrastructure.

Hut 8 started trading on the TSX Venture Exchange earlier this week and is 43 per cent owned by BitFury.

“BitFury is Hut 8, that is the way you can see it,” Hut 8 CEO Sean Clark told BNN in an interview on Wednesday. “No other miner that is publicly traded right now has a guaranteed access to chips.”

The plan is to have 60 megawatts worth of BitFury mining farms operating across Canada by mid-2018, which would more than triple Hut 8’s current capacity. As of March 5th it had mined a total of 645 Bitcoins, but the company’s name implies major ambitions: it comes from the facility in England where famed mathematician Alan Turing broke the enigma code that changed the course of World War II.

so if you do not see that investing in cryptocurrenies is the way to go as you simply cannot foresee which one will actually make it, maybe the way to go is to invest in those companies that offer products dealing with all the cryptocurrencies.

Three ways to invest in crypto

FBS offers cryptocurrencies for the retail Trading Community

FBS offers cryptocurrencies for the retail Trading Community.

For those that do not know this broker , FBS is an international broker that has traders in more than 197 countries  all together they boast 6 000 000 traders .

to get to the crypto's , this is what they offer, not the cheapest but it is atleast clear what it costs and what you are able to do with it.


they offer trading in Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin and Ethereum

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LiteCoin 1000 10000 -10 -10 15 1000
LiteCoin vs USD
Lot size 100

*The chart price for Cent and Standard accounts differs from the real market price by 0.1 pip, due to the characteristics of MetaTrader4.

**The value is given for 4-digit quotes. In 5-digit quotes the fourth digit after a comma is indicated (0.0001). In 3-digit quotes - the second digit after a comma (0.01). For example, in EURUSD quote - 1.36125; in USDJPY quote - 101.852

To provide the best customer experience FBS organizes seminars and special events, providing its clients with training materials, cutting-edge trading technologies and latest strategies on the Forex market.

Both newbie and professional traders will find these sessions useful thou for experienced traders there is less of interest. But this is ofcourse to be expected.

Every event is thoroughly planned and prepared in advance to make sure everything goes perfect. During the break guests are offered delicious food and coffee.

All meetings take place in a family-like atmosphere, where everyone is welcome and can enjoy the company of the best FBS traders and partners. And most importantly, participation in all their events is absolutely free.

FBS features FBS offers cryptocurrencies

We value diversity of our clients and understand that different categories of customers have different demands. Specially for Muslim traders we provide swap-free accounts (also known as Islamic accounts), that do not contradict with the teachings of Islam.

FBS offers cryptocurrencies for the retail Trading Community


While Bitcoin Argues, Dash Scales

While the Bitcoin wars are raging and the price is sky-high, Dash looks into the future by learning from the mistakes of others. Becoming mainstream and used worldwide is still the mission for Dash.

While Bitcoin might become so overpriced and precious that it would have to be kept in a vault, Dash still moves in to put digital cash in anyone’s pocket for everyday use. While the Bitcoin pre-split battles are raging, Dash is focusing on the future.

Craig Wright, the chief scientist of nChain, sees Dash as competing with Bitcoin Cash on providing a fast enough network for everyday transactions. Currently, he sees Bitcoin Cash winning. And the Bitcoin Cash community is making sincere efforts to popularize the coin and make it easier for businesses to accept and carry.

But Evan Duffield, founder of Dash, believes he has better answers by scaling sooner. Duffield wrote in a Medium blog:

“Because companies are interested in Dash now, we realize that we must begin scaling immediately. When the first version of Dash Evolution is released next year, we anticipate even greater interest and consequently must ensure that our network’s capacity increases rapidly. In order to fulfill our goals of scalability, Dash will begin supporting 2MB blocks beginning in Q4 of this year.”

Bitcoin Cash relies on larger block size to speed up transactions. But Dash has a two-tier system that allows un-mined and unverified transactions to still be trusted. And Dash has been around longer, and has added more than 400 businesses to its roster. In addition, Dash will soon be available through the Wirex debit cards, allowing even more spending flexibility.

Recently, Dash has added to a small, but useful service, making a link from SEPA transactions into the world of cryptocurrencies Piixpay is available for European customers and shows that indeed, Dash is competing to a degree with Bitcoin Cash.

The service allows users to fund their account through SEPA transactions and send Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash to friends or family.

The only problem is, users would still have to know what a wallet address is and how to use it. Dash still has the advantage of being available through BitPanda, one of the most widely used European services. Currently, the DASH token has stabilized around $300, off the recent peak around $350.

RepairPal and Dash: A New Partnership to Make Driving Safer and Ownership Much More Transparent

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Dash, the leading open connected car platform. By integrating RepairPal into Dash, drivers can quickly diagnose their vehicle’s ‘Check Engine Light’ code and connect with trusted, local shops through the RepairPal Certified network.

With personalized repair estimates and descriptions in plain English, drivers can have peace-of-mind when it comes to vehicle issues. Dash users will find it simpler than ever to quickly locate a mechanic from a base of over 2,000 RepairPal Certified shops across the U.S., knowing quality work will always be completed at a fair price.

dash gifA sneak preview of what the Dash + RepairPal experience will look like on the iPhone X

This new partnership enhances the existing functionality of Dash’s core product, which is on Androidand iOS and used by over 400,000 drivers. Through Dash, drivers can track their trips, hear real-time voice feedback, set maintenance notifications, find the cheapest gas nearby, as well as compete with friends and family on who is the “best” driver. Users can also set up remote driver safety alerts, as well as parental notifications for things like curfew and geo-location. Dash has just added a free DashCam option, allowing you to record a video of trip events, such as hard breaks or other sudden actions.

RepairPal is working to take the mystery out of car repair. Partnering with Dash, a company working to make driving smarter, safer, greener and more affordable for everyone, is another step forward for helping drivers across America.


Have any questions for us about this exciting announcement? Shoot over an email to

Venezuela Becomes Fertile Climate For Digital Currency DASH

Venezuelan digital asset brokerage Cryptobuyer adds Dash to satisfy huge crypto demand

NEW YORK, NY – August 24, 2016 – Cryptobuyer, a Caracas, Venezuela-based cryptocurrency brokerage, today announced that Dash, a rapidly growing digital currency, has joined Bitcoin to its platform due to soaring demand. One of the world’s most actively traded cryptocurrencies, Dash is now available for purchase and sale through Cryptobuyer, and will be used as a payment network to benefit thousands of people suffering from Venezuela’s failing national economy. The new alliance enables Venezuelans, through a compliant brokerage, to use Dash and Bitcoin for remittances, everyday transactions, top up cell phones, recharge debit cards and make coin sales away from other currencies.

CEO of Cryptobuyer Jorge Farias said: “Cryptobuyer is a cryptocurrency and digital assets connector for companies and individuals that brings a range of services that will improve Venezuelans’ financial liberty. Our partnership with Dash is valuable, especially for customers using unstable fiat currencies, and the perfect example can be found in Venezuela right now. Alternatives for accessing money without traditional banks are gaining traction fast, and we are incredibly confident that Dash will flourish in this economy. From a phone credit recharge for a friend to the payment of credit cards and TV subscriptions, Cryptobuyer makes Bitcoin and Dash a reality in daily life and keeps offering incredible financial benefits without the need for a bank account.”

Venezuela is a country that has seen major cryptocurrency adoption in the wake of triple-digit inflation, capital controls, devaluation, and critical goods shortages. The national currency of Venezuela, the Bolivar, has dropped against the USD by nearly 40% in a year.

Dash VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz said: “With Venezuelans entrenched in political and economic turmoil, we simply wanted to give them another option to make life easier. Dash is stable, safe and holds its value extremely well. Cryptobuyer will help Dash take a step towards offering real services to regular people that are not just digital currency investors, so it really opens the door for us to fulfill our vision of making a tangible difference in places where digital currencies can help the most. Dash is proud to support pioneering, driven Venezuelans like the Cryptobuyer team who are making a difference through entrepreneurship and technology.”

Dash is a decentralized form of digital cash that can be spent online and at merchants and service providers worldwide. Dash is currently the 7th most valued cryptocurrency worldwide, with a market cap of nearly $90 million. Dash is managed by a self-funded, self-governed organization comprised of over 15,000 users, moving well over a million dollars worth of currency across the network every 24 hours.

For Latin Americans with no access to a phone or a computer, Dash and Bitcoin will be accessible through a local partner of Cryptobuyer, TigoCTM, who provide convenient Crypto Teller Machines allowing immediate cash transactions and a unique and innovative remittance corridor. Since founding earlier this year, Cryptobuyer has accrued thousands of users in Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Chile and Colombia.

Cryptobuyer’s Legal Director & COO Mariana León Mármol added: “Cryptobuyer is the first platform in Venezuela that currently operates while fulfilling all KYC, AML and taxation obligations. It is a fundamental element of our services to preserve the origin of funds for investors, credit card users and remittance clients.”

Services like Western Union and Moneygram closed operations in Venezuela due to the exchange control regime enacted in 2005, leaving a huge necessity related to remittance and payments in foreign currencies unattended. Cryptobuyer today offers a solution using intellectual property assets to transfer value that can effectively serve such needs within the Venezuelan legal framework.

Dash News Weekly Recap E11 –

P2P Trading, International Outreach, Global Adoption & More! Oct 16, 2017


Dash Price Briefly Surpasses $400

Dash Price Briefly Surpasses $400 as Momentum Continues to Grow

The Dash price continues to soar to new heights after bullish momentum started taking shape a few days ago. More often than not, altcoin markets tend to decline in value after their initial upward momentum runs out of steam. That is not the case where Dash is concerned, as the price keeps reaching one all-time high after another. Right now, the price of one Dash is US$391.61 and it appears reaching US$400 is only a matter of time. Holders of this altcoin will be more than happy to see their patience rewarded in such a manner.


The past 24 hours have been incredibly rewarding for everyone who holds Dash as part of their cryptocurrency portfolio. Not only did the altcoin appreciate in value against the U.S. dollar, but it also pushed back against the growing Bitcoin price. More specifically, Dash went from 0.074 BTC to 0.09 BTC over the weekend, which is a significant increase, to say the least. Given the recent slew of good news the Dash community has received, this price increase was to be expected.

Just yesterday, we reported that the Dash price had been hovering around the US$350 mark. Considering how the value per coin was a lot lower earlier in the year, that growth alone was considered quite substantial. However, less than 24 hours later, the Dash price has reached US$394.88, which is another 15.19% increase compared to its previous value. At one point, there was a new all-time high for Dash above the US$400 mark, as the price touched US$406.98 for a brief moment. This battle for control of the US$400 price mark will continue for quite some time to come, though, as there is a lot of profit-taking right now.

top dash brokers

The vast majority of Dash trading volume still originates from the Korean Bithumb exchange. With US$166.2 million in 24-hour trading volume, Bithumb is certainly showing bullish momentum for Dash. Other exchanges are well behind, as the second-ranked Poloniex exchange only contributes US$34 million in volume. Without the Korean exchange, this Dash price movement probably wouldn’t be taking place right now, although it is hard to tell why Korea is showing such a sudden interest in this particular currency right now.

With both Monero and Dash noting major value gains over the past week, it’s evident cryptocurrency users are flocking to solutions which provide more anonymity and privacy. Although Bitcoin will not be dethroned as the leading cryptocurrency anytime soon, the currency is not without its flaws either. More specifically, Bitcoin offers no privacy or anonymity whatsoever, which is quite problematic depending on what type of user one is. Additionally, with the most popular mixing service recently shutting down, looking at Dash and Monero makes a lot of sense.

A lot of people are wondering whether or not the Dash price can keep rising over the next few days. It is certainly true the bullish momentum is still intact as we speak. However, everything that goes up in value must eventually come down. With the Bitcoin price remaining relatively stable at the $4,325 mark, there is plenty of room for growth in specific altcoins right now. At the same time, one has to keep in mind cryptocurrency markets don’t take tremendous amounts of volume to cause big waves. There are still a lot of early Dash investors who will be looking to take big profits around the US$400 mark.

That being said, one can’t deny Dash has been one of the more successful cryptocurrencies of 2017. It isn’t the only currency worth keeping an eye on by any means, but the alt coin is certainly cementing its position in the top 10 right now. Dash still only has a US$3 billion market cap as well, compared to Bitcoin’s US$72 billion. Bridging this gap will be quite difficult, though, as the adoption rates of currencies such as Dash is far removed from that of Bitcoin. Then again, competition in the cryptocurrency space can only lead to better results for all currencies involved.

Copy Fund Dash and Other cryptocurrencies for the New way of Investing.