CCTip Tipbot Now Supports Dash Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency tipping automation, popularly known as tipbot, is a service providing ways in which people can incentivize their answers to questions asked on social media platforms. CCTip is the latest tipbot to add another cryptocurrency to its support list. 

According to reports, CCTip announced that it now supports DASH, thereby allowing DASH cryptocurrency users to tip and airdrop on social media platforms such as Reddit, Discord, WeChat, Telegram, and Twitter. By supporting the DASH cryptocurrency, CCTip is implementing a new tipbot design to capture the attention of high-profile DASH users and make them get heard by the common public.

DASH airdrop is among the key benefits that CCTip will be supporting its users with. Being one of the most popular cryptocurrency tipbots, CCTip currently enables its users the ability to pay other users for providing answers to their questions on Twitter, Telegram, and other social media platforms. CCTip is a great tool for crypto miners to pool data in their ecosystem. CCTip also helps cryptocurrency holders to drive engagement in their system. It enables them to generate high-quality expert commentary. 

With DASH support, CCTip users can create polls on Twitter and pay the ones who share the polls automatically with DASH money. This will help Twitter polls gain high exposure and multiple answers. The tipbot is also planning to develop a DASH-supported system that also pays the poll respondents.

Besides Twitter, CCTip offers DASH support for users on social media platforms such as Discord, Telegram, and WeChat. It will also extend its DASH support to users on forums such as Reddit. DASH is the latest addition to over 200 cryptocurrencies supported by CCTip, which include popular assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Tron (TRX), among other tokens.

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