Dash Insights: Postera Capital – The First EU-Regulated Crypto Investment Fund

Welcome to Dash Insights, a show that shines the spotlight on professional market analysis from industry experts and respected leaders in finance and cryptocurrency.

On today’s episode Mark Mason speaks with Martin Schmidt who is a founding partner for Postera Capital to learn more about Europe’s first regulated crypto fund.

Postera Capital is a professional advisory firm based in Düsseldorf, Germany, that focuses on investment opportunities in blockchain and crypto assets. Their investment services support professional investors to gain access to the new and dynamic asset class of crypto assets. Postera Capital is the promoter of the first EU-regulated investment fund that invests in crypto assets.

Question Timestamps:

01:09 What crypto assets does the Postera Crypto Fund hold?

01:53 What is the Crypto Fund investment strategy?

03:43 How does the Crypto Fund manage market volatility?

05:43 What are the tax benefits for professional investors?

07:16 How is the investment fund able to invest in crypto assets?

09:26 Is central bank monetary stimulus bullish for crypto?

11:10 Why is traditional finance important for cryptocurrency?

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