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Dash Podcast 109: Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor Community Q&A Dash Investment Foundation & More! | dashnews

Video re-post of episode 109 of the Dash News podcast. This week we had special guest Ryan Taylor, Dash Core Group CEO.

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Dash Investment Foundation Question Timestamps:
🚩 03:42 Ryan’s thoughts on current DIF proposal cost and directors.
🚩 11:44 Should DIF make specific treasury proposals to fund each individual investment?
🚩 15:28 Are there any legal implications for handling DIF profits & thoughts on taking Dash out of circulation?
🚩 20:38 If coins are taken out of circulation via DIF profits will it create confidence issues in total supply?
🚩 26:00 Should masternodes vote every time DIF proposes to buy Dash with profits & take it out of circulation?
🚩 27:50 Will you play any role in the DIF?
🚩 30:56 Is there better terminology we could use than saying ‘burn’ or ‘destroy’ Dash?
🚩 33:35 The economic benefits of scarcity of a Dash buy-back.
🚩 35:32 Will DIF investments affect the valuation of Dash or will DIF need to cash out profits for Dash buy-backs?
🚩 40:58 Does Dash Core Group have any projects in mind for the DIF?
🚩 44:41 How will DIF investments be funded?


Other Dash Related Question Timestamps:
🚩 46:05 Can we have an update on the SEC no action letter?
🚩 52:19 What steps have been taken to approach major exchanges such as Coinbase & Gemini to add Dash?
🚩 57:40 What do exchanges think about Chainlocks?
🚩 1:01:09 When will Chainlocks Spork 19 & 20 be activated?
🚩 1:05:54 What is the current status of Dashpay DApp & are we still on track for v1.0 launch this year?
🚩 1:11:50 What does DCG have planned to maximize the historic news of the 1.0 release?
🚩 1:20:52 Has Ryan had any communication or updates from Evan or DashLab team members recently?
🚩 1:24:03 Will the Dashpay/android/iOS app have an open interface for exchange integrations to make it easier for regional exchanges to work with the Dash app like uphold?
🚩 1:32:43 How does DCG intend to target average users for DashPay? What problem will it solve for them better than Facebook’s Libra coin?
🚩 1:41:52 What are DCG plans to attract developers for v1.0 Dash Platform?
🚩 1:46:19 Can you ask Ryan about the status of any trademarks or other intellectual property?
🚩 1:50:46 Can we have a DCG sustainability update. Is there still a recruitment freeze?
🚩 1:55:25 Thoughts on Chainlocks activation?

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