DASH Regulatory Technologies Launches SaaS-Based Version of Regulatory Capital Compliance Suite

DASH Regulatory Technologies – the regtech-focused affiliate of capital markets technology and execution services provider DASH Financial Technologies – today announced the launch of DASH 360R, the next-generation of its industry-leading LDB platform for U.S. regulatory capital calculation and reporting compliance. The suite is available in both fully SaaS-based and on-premise deployment options, giving broker-dealers a choice between the scalability, security and flexibility of the cloud or the complete control offered by local deployment.

In the U.S., broker-dealers are required by the SEC and FINRA to maintain specified levels of capital, and to be able to demonstrate moment-to-moment compliance with the SEC Net Capital Rule. In order to do so, brokers must have the ability to calculate, on an intra-day basis, their capital charges, which can be an extremely complex process. DASH 360R – a fully modernized version of DASH’s gold-standard platform, LDB – completely automates the calculation and reporting process around these regulations as well as any firm-specific requirements, easing one of the most significant back-office operational challenges faced by brokers and clearing firms. The DASH 360R Risk Based Haircut module has been SOC 1 Type I-certified, and the entire DASH 360R platform is expected to receive a SOC 1 Type II certification later this year.

With DASH 360R, clients can easily support multiple users and parallel optimizations, allowing each to easily build their own unique configurations to meet their specific needs. In addition, secure remote access – an increasingly necessary feature given the current work-from-home status of most clients – is now far simpler as well, replacing the cumbersome and sluggish VPN configurations used by clients to access desktop applications outside of the office.

Commenting on the launch, Venu Palaparthi, DASH’s Head of Regulatory Affairs, said: “The new 360R platform is a huge leap forward for DASH, introducing advanced technologies never before available in regulatory computing. With the cloud-enabled configuration, we’ve taken the LDB suite – which has been the industry’s most reliable calculation tool for over 20 years – and made it even more powerful, flexible and expansive. Simultaneously, by retaining an on-premise deployment option, our customers who prefer that approach can continue to rely on our industry-leading service and time-tested precision.”

Highlights of the new DASH 360R platform include:

  • Bespoke Performance With AWS: Built for the most demanding tasks, like running multiple configurations on a single application at the same time, 360R gives users improved performance on an AWS backbone.
  • Streamlined Automation: DASH 360R allows users to run multiple computations in the background while performing tasks in the foreground thanks to its superior automation and scheduling abilities.


  • Collaboration Environment: The intuitive and flexible DASH 360R enables users to securely access multiple configurations and use different data retention methods.

About DASH Regulatory Technologies

Founded in 1987 as LDB Consulting, DASH Regulatory Technologies is DASH’s regtech-focused affiliate. DASH Regulatory Technologies’ LDB suite performs various security haircut and margin calculations, including optimized charges for equities, listed derivatives, baskets and OTCs; portfolio margining; haircuts for fixed income asset types; charges for repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements; and taking advantage of allowable relief. For more information, please visit

About DASH Financial Technologies

Launched in 2011, DASH Financial Technologies is an industry-leading capital markets technology and execution provider. DASH’s philosophy is simple: with technology, clients should be empowered to craft, analyze and refine bespoke solutions calibrated to their precise performance goals. Using the award-winning DASH360 platform, clients receive full routing and cost transparency and a comprehensive suite of tools to visualize all aspects of their orders in real-time. With this emphasis on technology, DASH has become an essential provider of wholly customizable and transparent trading solutions, routing approximately 16% of the daily OCC volume. For more information, please visit

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