How do you get and buy Dash ?

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Want to get and buy Dash? Here are the steps:

1 – Get a Dash Wallet

How do you get and buy Dash  is in the end not as hard as you might think , for new people this entire dash cryptocurrency thing is somewhat intimidating as it has nothing tangible and is all digital, but if you think about so is your bank account these days.

Before run to get and buy Dash you have to understand that like all crypto currencies this process starts with getting a Dash wallet. this is like you know from the Bitcoin process where you are also required to get a Bitcoin wallets.

there are different kinds of Dash wallets.

 get and buy Dash with this Dash Wallet

  • Hardware Wallet (for large amounts )
  • mobile wallet ( for smaller amounts )
  • desktop wallet  ( for smaller amounts )


Dash Hardware Wallet

Using a Dash hardware wallet , which you are able to get from  from Trezor, KeepKey, or Ledger is a secure way to use and store Dash for an extended period of time.

Dash Desktop Wallets

the most common and easiest manner in which to keep your and use your Dash is to use a desktop wallet, one of the better ones is the Electrum Dash Wallet.

Keep in mind thou that this wallet doesn’t have a lot of the features  that make Dash special, you will not be able to use the PrivateSend and or  InstantSend . so depending on what you plan to use the wallet for you have to see if this is the right provider for you.

All the benefits of Dash can be found in the Dash Core wallet  which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.and should convince you it is the right thing to get and buy Dash.


Dash Mobile Wallets

this is something i expect will rise in the near future but at the moment there are just a few mobile Dash wallets available for both Android and iOS.  the most known choice for this type of wallet is Jaxx.

then there are the wallets that are platform specific like the  DashWallet v.0.9 for your Iphone and for the Android phones there is the Hash Engineering Solutions and Coinomi Dash mobile wallets.

2 – Purchase Dash

How do you get and buy Dash or any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, is can also be a bit confusing as you will not receive anything in the mail and you have to just assume that the numbers that are written in your wallet are also actually there.

so me as most other people that are new to this trying to buy their first cryptocurrency this is the part that makes us wonder if we did it right. if you are already on the possession of other crypto currencies you are able to just convert them to dash on one of the numerous exchanges

but due to the increasing popularity of dash this is about to change. the question of how do you get and buy Dash, will be replaced with how much should i buy. 

as it becomes more mainstream also the means as to acquire it will be easier and faster.

Purchase Dash with a Wire Transfer

So where else can you get and buy Dash ?

Kraken – with Kraken you can buy your Dash directly through wiretransfer of Usd or Eur.

AnyCoinDirect  – thou it takes long before you actually receive your Dash ( average 2 days) this provider is the largest one in Europe.

BitPanda – Allows you to buy Dash by credit card, Skrill account, SEPA transfer or SOFORT transfer. Buying on Bitpanda requires verification and buying limits are relatively low (600 euros). BitPanda is currently only available in Europe only.

all of them  and siome of them also function as brokers of course will charge you a small fee and will require on opening of your account verification of person or KYC  ( know your customer) documentation. this is all well explained on every site if not their service personnel are willing to assist you if needed

Buy Dash Directly With Cash from an ATM 

Dash ATMs – this is novel concept and actually pretty amazing if you think about it.

There are three places in the US where there are ATM’s for Dash purchases. there is one in  in Oregon, Florida, and New York, here people are able to buy Dash directly from an ATM.  be aware thou that they charge for this service a pretty penny so depending on what you plan to use the dash for this mig not be your way to get them , it is the easiest way thou as we all have gone to the ATM a few times to many.

CoinATMRadar  will direct you to the  ATM locations where you can buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies .

Another way of buying Dash is through the Wall of coins service where you simply go to a bank to get them like you would for any foreign currency before you go on vacation. many local banks  in several countries like the United States.  Canada, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Poland, and the Philippines offer this service where they sell them to you for the current Spot price of moment of purchase. it will cost you in general around 1% in fees and you will receive them after just a little wait for around a quarter of an hour.

3 – Move the acquired Dash coins to your personal wallet

Your coins are only secure after you moved them to your wallet , so make sure this ois the first thign you do the moment you have bought your dash coins. leave them in the exchange  as that is a good way to loose them as would with a regular bank.

so if you had the question of How do you get and buy Dash ?, i assume you are now enlightened enough to answer this with confidence.

there is more in-depth information to be found here :  Dash’s official documentation

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