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The master teacher will arrive in September, and the first scans of the V-Jump reveal his move set. We detail them.

Master Mutenroshi is the next downloadable character to arrive in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and will do so throughout the month of September as announced by Bandai Namco at last week’s ArcSystemWorks in-game event. With the design that we already saw in Dragon Ball Super and in the films of the Battle of the Gods and the Return of F, Mutenroshi comes with some peculiarities that will make him very different from other fighters, changing certain game mechanics that in your case, are not present or differ. We detail how he will fight in Dragon Ball FighterZ starting next month.

One of the most surprising characteristics of the character is that it does not have Superdash, the basic mechanics of the game that serves to chase the characters, lengthen combos and that is present in other mechanics such as entering to replace a character or within the animation of the Dragon Rush. As explained in the scans, he is going to supply himself with a Kame Hame, in the style of Goku when he uses it to pounce on rivals. It remains to be seen if it is simply a visual change or affects the trajectory and the uses it has.

Packed with attacks from the series and the manga

Its Level 1 attack is also detailed. With this special you can launch your most popular attack, the Kame Hame Ha, which can be performed by holding down the corresponding button. In addition to all this, as we saw in the teaser trailer, he also has the Mafuba with which he tried to lock up Piccolo Daimaoh as his teacher Mutaito did years ago, and the hypnosis technique that he performed on Goku in the Arts Tournament. Martial, which can be used even if the opponent is taking cover.

Finally, two not minor details of the character. On the one hand, his lightning attack, which is long-range and cannot be covered in midair. It is the one with which he electrocuted Goku in the Tournament until he transformed into Ozaru. And the Meteor Attack, the most powerful Kame Hame Ha of all in which he unleashes all his power by marking muscles (mamadísimo, that young people say) as he did when he launched the first Kame Hame Ha in the history of Dragon Ball to end the fire from Mount Frypan.

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