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New Book By Dash Nigeria Provides A Beginner’s Crash Course on Cryptocurrency and Dash | dashnews

Dash Nigeria head Nathanial Luz has authored and published a cryptocurrency introduction book, “Digital Is the Cash” with a foreword by Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, to educate newcomers to the space.

Digital is the Cash book is out! Grab your copy and #PaywithDash from dashpay

Described by Luz as “as a one-stop material for people who want to learn about the past, present and future of finance in one read”, the book begins with a forward by Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, outlining the history of money and how present day fiat currency is a deviation from the majority of history with precious metals-backed currency. He also addresses the fact that many consumers and merchants in modern countries do not even have to think about money since it works well enough, even though it hides its inflationary tendencies.

Digital Is the Cash then goes into the background and history of money, modern days problems with current money, solutions that cryptocurrency provides, how Dash improves upon other iterations of cryptocurrencies, and other applications for blockchain technologies. The book is available for global purchase online as a digital pdf via Dash payment, global purchase via Ebook for the Kindle, and Hardcopy in Nigeria. Luz also added that the publishers “plan on distributing 10,000 copies of the book across Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Latin America and Haiti in English, Spanish and French languages, by December 2020”.

Educating cryptocurrency beginners and non-early adopters

With Digital Is the Cash, Luz aims to provide an educational starting point for new and non-technical users completely unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. Countries experiencing economic turbulence and inflating money supplies, such as Venezuela, have seen some of the largest cryptocurrency adoption. Citizens within countries like these have no choice but to look for alternatives. This has led to rapid growth of cryptocurrencies within the countries like Venezuela. Nevertheless, even Venezuela required educational events at first to educate consumers about what is available and how to utilize the technology. Luz wants this book to be a part of that educational initiative:

In a bid to promote the knowledge and understanding of Dash, I embarked on an educational drive to make Dash understandable in the barest non-technical terms possible, over the last 2 years.

Phase 1 produced Dash Academy (text)

Phase 2 produced Learn with Dash (a series of videos in Pidgin English)

Phase 3 is the book titled “Digital is the Cash”.

Cryptocurrency saw sizable growth over the past decade mostly thanks to early adopters that could be classified as cypherpunk, libertarians, precious metal bugs, venture capitalists and others. While these groups gave cryptocurrencies enough momentum to maintain themselves and see sizable exchange price increases, they have not themselves constituted mainstream adoption, which is key to seeing cryptocurrency become a realistic everyday alternative money. However, as Taylor notes in his forward, most individuals do not think about their money because they do not have to since it works most of the time.

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