Penske Dash short-term rental program halted after less than a year

Short-term rental service Penske Dash said it is ceasing its operations in Washington, D.C., and Arlington, Va., due to long-term uncertainties resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Penske Dash — a joint venture between Penske Corp. and Penske Transportation Solutions — joins a slew of mobility services that are facing financial ruin amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Penske Dash launched last fall and operates only in the two cities. In a statement on its website, Penske Dash said the venture was no exception to the many companies facing the ripple effects of the pandemic that “extend far and wide and have affected many businesses’ ability to serve and support their customers.”

Penske Dash said its last day of service will be Friday, April 10. During its final two weeks in operation, fewer cars will be available for rent, the company said in the statement.

The company’s fleet of Volkswagen Jetta SEs can be rented for any period of time until the end of operations.

Penske Dash was ambitiously launched in October, even while several companies were reconsidering their alternative vehicle ownership models. Those included short-term rental services such as Car2Go and subscription programs.

Penske Dash rates are 45 cents per minute, $15 per hour, $40 for three hours or $70 for six hours. A one-day rental costs $85.

Penske Dash cars can be picked up and parked at any unrestricted parking spot in the two cities or at reserved spots at certain garages in D.C.

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