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The Daily Dash is a quick look at what is happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, freight markets remain on fire and indications are it may continue that way for quite a while. Plus, portions of I-10 reopen following Hurricane Laura and hearing impaired truckers seek relief from certain commercial driver’s license requirements.

Will the good times last?

A new white paper from FreightWaves’ Freight Intel Group, Blume Global and U.S. Bank highlights what could be a multiyear uptick in trucking activity. With rates exceeding 2019 levels, how long will the run last?

Jack Glenn has more on the outlook: Trucking industry expected to remain on upswing through 2021

Nuclear verdict reversed

A Court of Appeals in Texas has deemed a $31.6 million jury award against a carrier excessive and ordered a retrial of the case.

Noi Mahoney explains why the court rejected the award: Texas appeals court wipes out $31.6M nuclear verdict as ‘excessive’

I-10 reopens following hurricane

Sections of Interstate 10 in Louisiana have reopened after cleanup from Hurricane Laura has been completed. Parts of the roadway near the Texas border were closed because of the storm.

Nick Austin has details on the damage: Most of I-10 reopens in Louisiana post-Hurricane Laura

Lifting of CDL restrictions faces opposition

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is considering a petition that would lift certain restrictions that make it difficult for drivers with hearing impairments to get a commercial driver’s license.

John Gallagher details the obstacles the rule faces: Should FMCSA lift restrictions on deaf drivers?

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Did you miss this?

For truckers hauling hurricane relief loads, the process can be anything but smooth. Trucks with Room to Spare, a humanitarian group made up of truck drivers, is working to make the process easier.

Clarissa Hawes profiles the group: Trucking, rescue groups describe hurricane relief as ‘organized chaos’

Hammer down, everyone,

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Managing Editor

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