50 Cent Shared His Reaction To Stacy Dash Bizarre Divorce Case

50 Cent also thinks that the narrative in Stacey Dash’s divorce drama is rather ridiculous.

In a new twist to her bitter divorce case, Stacy Dash estrange soon to be ex-husband, is now claiming she hypnotized him into marrying her, and 50 Cent is having a field day with it. Dash rose to fame 25 years ago with her role in Clueless as ditzy Dionne Davenport. While her character was in a long-term relationship, the actress’s personal life has been slightly more complicated. Stacey has been married four times, with her most recent nuptials taking place two years ago to lawyer Jeffrey Marty, whom she allegedly met just ten days before tying the knot in Florida.

The two are both somewhat involved in politics as Stacey, whose first cousin is Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder, Damon Dash, previously ran for Congress as a Republican, and her husband ran a Twitter account for a fictional politician who endorsed US President Trump. But now the couple is going their separate ways, and the divorce case is surely one of the most bizarre on record.

In June, the actress filed for divorce — nine months after an alleged domestic violence incident at their home for which she was arrested. According to court documents, they had separated a day after the altercation, which occurred in October last year. As divorce proceedings finally get underway, Marty has motioned, instead, for an annulment, as he has alleged that he was hypnotized into marrying the former contributor for Fox News. The lawyer states that he was placed in a spiritual trance induced by Stacey’s pastor, who claimed that it was God’s will that they marry. Stacey’s lawyers say that the 44-year-old displayed no signs of unusual mental state at the time, but are happy to proceed with an annulment.

Fifty, meanwhile, has found the entire matter amusing and made a joke about it on the ‘gram. Under a headline describing the case, the rapper wrote, “Yeah man a b**** did that to me with some p**** one time too.LOL HYPNOTIZED.”

They say truth is stranger than fiction.

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