Atlanta slider crime captured on dash cam video

A car theft victim says she held onto her car door handle trying to get inside. 

“He locked my door,” the frustrated motorist said, talking about the incident at a Buckhead car wash on Monday. 

Atlanta police soon received another report of a Range Rover heist. 

Not only did the victim call 911, a driver who has her own dashcam called as well, as she suspected a crime had just been committed. 

The stolen vehicle was hard to miss. The car is a bright yellow, and the motorist with the personal camera said they heard an engine “roaring”. 

In the rare footage, the thief initially drove north on Roswell Road after leaving the car wash where he took the vehicle. But minutes later, the victim saw her SUV come “flying back past me”.

It began when she was momentarily out of her vehicle and reached down for the vacuum nozzle. 

That was just enough time for the slider to slip in. He had a gun out but did not point it at the owner. 

“People were very nice,” she said. “They all came over trying to help me. I was in a daze.” 

Later the same day, the bumblebee colored Range Rover was located by East Point police. 

It had been wrecked and abandoned. The owner said she hopes her insurance company will total the vehicle, due to the extensive damage.

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