First day of school a huge success, says school leaders

YESTERDAY life resumed with a dash of normality for school children, with many more returning today.

Some parents had initially shown worry about the children returning to school after six months of staying at home – but according to Mrs Dixon of Barrow Island Community Primary School, and Mrs Hazzard of Roose Community Primary School – the children have loved every moment of their first day.

Mrs Hazzard, acting deputy head of Roose Community Primary School, said: “The first day has gone really well at Roose.

“They have all followed the guidelines really well and all of the children seem to be really happy and excited to be back at school.

“The children have been really resilient and have come in really happy.

“They get to spend the next two days with their previous teacher, so that they are able to have that transition time that they should have had in the summer.

“It’s lovely for us teachers to get to say goodbye to our classes.

“On Friday they will ‘officially’ move up to their new classes.

“It has been great and everything has gone really well – apart from the weather!

“The children got to go outside in the morning and had some fresh air.”

Mrs Dixon, head of Barrow Island Community Primary School said: “It has been brilliant – it has been absolutely fabulous.

“We had all of the children in that we were expecting and it has been really good.

“It has been lovely to have them back and I think the parents will struggle more than the children!”

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