Dash Getting Known for Real Use across Different Nations Community Propelling Usage

Dash (DASH) is digital cash which is designed to offer financial freedom to everyone, where payments are instant, easy and secure, with near-zero fees.

Dash Nation expressed that sending money home to Nigeria is now even faster and cheaper with Dash and Coinprofile.  There is a useful community video on how useful it is to send money home to Nigeria with Dash and Coinprofile.

Meanwhile the Dash Nation movement have done a lot to improve on the user experience by modernizing the front and back ends of their Website. From now, they are set to talk about a lot of things related to Dash ranging from proposals, price action, new features and requests, ideas, regulation, and economics. To get this going they are trying to attract some writing talent.  With English and Spanish users are the major Dash accepting communities, there were requests for writing talent in English and Spanish for a small stipend of $10 per content.  They say it is not a direct compensation, but a “Thank You” for donating the time and skills.

Dash nation are all about achieving financial freedom through Dash. Since a lot of writers from “Africa, Latin America, Asia, and parts unknown” seemed to be ready to contribute their writing talent, probably, we will be hearing lot of DASH news soon.  Traffic from the human side of things seemed to have improved after contribution from the writers. 

More of writing about how Dash is impacting the people across the world is expected to flow in soon.  Also, details about dedicated believers is also set to hit the news lines soon.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Very soon Dash will get accepted almost everywhere in the world. Writers from Across the World do make a difference to propel adoption.”

Dash Community Actively Participating and Innovating

On September 01, 2020, Mark Mason, the Dash Pay Media Relations and Press Room Manager took part in an AMA related to a demo of DashPay Contacts and Notifications with Product Owner Brian Foster.  The gift to the attendees was an early access to the DashPay Alpha Program. Those who missed the event should get to know what they discussed by checking the recorded version of the video.

It is very visible to see that several clusters of Dash community are very active contributing in their own way in forwarding the efficiency of Dash making it the very easy to use payment process across different destinations of the world.



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