Vandals strike south Springfield apartment complex

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Some residents of south Springfield apartment complex are upset after their cars were vandalized overnight this week.

Residents of the Bradford Park Apartment Complex notified KY3 of shattered windows and other damages to their cars.

“It’s just horrible and violating, you know,” said resident April Huston.

Huston says it is usually a quiet around here apartments. On Thursday, she woke up to a surprise as she went out to her car.

“The passenger side window was broken, like smashed all the way,” said Huston.

She says she doesn’t know why or by who.

“I am thinking it’s just kids who want to prove something to their friends or something, kind of like a dare,” said Huston.

But, Huston isn’t alone. Josh Henry, who also lives at the apartment complex, woke up Friday to find his windows broken too.

“So then I kind of looked around tried to figure out what happened, and some of my neighbors came up and said that it had been happening to several other cars in the area, like two others last night,” said Henry.

Both Huston and Henry have plastic over their windows for now, but it will cost more than $100 for each of them to get another window.

“It’s not right. Whoever did this should be punished,” said Huston.

In the meantime, Huston and Henry say they’ll be putting in some of their own security measures to feel safe.

“Install cameras or dash cameras or something, but there’s not much you can do. Hopefully, they step up security, the apartment manager said they were going to do so,” said Henry.

“I didn’t hear other people’s alarms, but I want to get an alarm now in my car,” said Huston.

KY3 reached out to the corporate office of the Bradford Park Apartment Complex for comment, but we have not heard back. If you know anything about the vandalism, you’re asked to contact the Springfield Police Department.

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