DoorDash customer slams ‘terrible’ delivery driver over botched food order: ‘How on earth?’

A DoorDash user is stirring controversy with their “terrible” delivery experience.

The customer, writing under the username Jay_Ferg, shared their negative experience on Reddit. Their post showed what allegedly happened when they tried to order Wendy’s through the popular food delivery app.

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The food never made it to their door, though. According to Jay_Ferg’s post, the DoorDash driver marked their order as “completed” — thus charging them for the food — then sent along the following photo.

DoorDash often asks its drivers to submit an image confirming their completed deliveries. In Jay_Ferg’s case, that image was nothing but a pile of now-ruined Wendy’s.

The Redditor went on to elaborate, explaining that their driver had texted them and admitted to dropping the food on accident. They offered to still bring the drink — the only item still intact.

Jay_Ferg tried to cancel the order. Instead, the driver allegedly marked the food as “delivered.” That’s when the Redditor received their unfortunate confirmation photo.

Despite being charged initially, Jay_Ferg explained that they were later able to receive a refund, in the form of a new order. Still, Reddit users were astounded by the driver’s behavior.

“I’m so confused. He delivers your food, and this is proof that he sends you to confirm he has??!” one user wrote.

“How on earth would it just ‘fall on the ground?’” another asked.

“Nothin but bad experiences with them,” another wrote of DoorDash.

Some users, meanwhile suggested that the incident had been staged by Jay_Ferg, although the Redditor did provide photos of their texts from the driver.

The majority of commenters seemed to believe them, though. Some, who claimed to also work for DoorDash, even provided some additional context.

We can’t cancel orders or ask for replacements. All of that has to be done through customer service,” one user wrote. “Sorry about your food, I would have never handled it the way that driver did.”

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