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And, then he’ll from two works for you here today’s top stories the fbi police are searching for a homicide suspect who shot and killed these tulsa happen last night near east admiral north one ninety third east avenue witnesses told police a driver pulled up to the house and shot the victim as he walked up to the car then fled the scene victim was identified as a man in this the fbi is investigating the case since it happened on native land and you may experience some traffic delays due to a construction project starting tomorrow was thirty-first street will be closed between south fifty seventh west avenue and south fifty fourth west avenue road will be shut down for a month while crews fix a water line and install a drainage structure accounting spokesperson says detours will be clearly marked in the area in a reminder starting tomorrow research will require all customers to wear while in the stores employees are currently required to wear one there are some exceptions to the rules such as those with medical conditions and young children now for those who prefer not to wear masks research provides online services include curbside pickup or having your groceries delivered by door dash now let’s get a check of today’s forecast with meteorologist kerrigan showing kerrigan have a soggy weekend store rainfall throughout the area we are expecting one to three inches of rainfall throughout the week ahead to eighty nine degrees for forecast high tomorrow to be much cooler at their on the heat from relief from the heat on the way that the structures in the eighties trip next couple of days back to near ninety by thursday with a chance for showers and thunderstorms continuing into this coming weekend our kerrigan thank you and of course thank you so much for watching I’m vincent hill to works for you.

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