Terrifying moment £50k super car spins out of control on M66 in heavy rain

Breathtaking footage shows the moment a super car loses control in heavy rain on a busy motorway in Greater Manchester, smashing into the central reservation.

The single car crash happened on Saturday, August 22, between junctions 3 and 2 of the M66 near Bury at 1.45pm.

As the dash camera clip begins, a grey Ferrari 360 appears to overtake in lane three on the motorway covered in extensive surface water and poor visibility.

The car appeared to be in lane three of the M66 before it spun out and crashed
(Image: SWD Media)

The car briefly disappears into the distance but then reappears moments later as it is spinning in the road.

The wheels appear to aquaplane on the road causing the vehicle to spin several times and hit the central reservation.

The front of the sports car was destroyed the wake of the smash, including a missing wing and bumper leaving visible wiring. Debris can be seen strewn over the road.

The car came to a stop facing sideways across the lanes, in the direct path of oncoming motorway traffic.

The driver came away with their life in a “lucky escape”, according to the president of the AA.

The car was left in the path of oncoming motorway traffic
(Image: SWD Media)

Emma Ray from Rochdale was driving the car with the dash camera with her family, including her one-year-old son, when she saw the Ferrari crash.

Speaking today she said: “As the car drove past I was like, oh my god, look at that Ferrari, it’s well nice.

“Then next minute it was wrecked after it crashed.”


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Highways England confirmed they attended the incident.

A spokesman said: “Traffic officers from our Milnrow depot attended the N/B M66 between junctions 3 and 2 on Saturday afternoon.

“A single vehicle collided with the central reservation and came to a stop blocking lane three.

“We set signs and signals, officers performed a rolling road block to bring traffic to a temporary halt, and the car was moved to the hard shoulder.

“The driver was uninjured and arranged their own recovery of the vehicle.”

The driver had a ‘lucky escape’ as they walked away uninjured
(Image: SWD Media)

Edmund King, AA president, said “Even on dual carriageways and motorways it is likely drivers will come across standing water after heavy rain.

“It is always worth slowing down and keeping extra distance from the car ahead in these conditions so it is possible to safely avoid standing water without swerving or braking.

“In many ways this driver had a lucky escape.”

Ferrari 360s were built between 1999 and 2005 before being replaced by the Ferrari F340.

Despite being over 15 years old, the super car would still cost a prospective buyer in excess of £50,000.

Greater Manchester Police has been contacted for comment.

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