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Data from Triadic Labs indicates that its new technology, Triadic Dash, doubles the confidence score for buyers of new build homes.

Participants from a broad age range were shown the current State of the Art home viewing technology, and were asked how confident they would be going through with a purchase based on what they had experienced. The overall level of confidence averaged 3.16. They were then shown Triadic Dash, and their overall confidence score rose to an average of 7.81.

Alex Tozzi, commercial director at Triadic, explained: “Confidence in viewing a property is based on both a sensory and emotional experience. Triadic Dash is the closest thing to a real physical viewing, and it helps create such an experience.

“The purchaser is able to fully immerse themselves in the property, seeing it from every angle and customise it to their taste. They can choose if they want furniture and what type, what flooring, walls, colours, kitchens, bathrooms etc. They can even choose which date and time they want to trial it in and see how the natural light will come into the home at that point. They can see the real view from the windows and can see how the exterior of the building will look from the public realm.”

FTSE 100 housebuilders are already using the technology to showcase penthouses and apartments, but the platform is equally useful for houses, whether custom designed individual homes or large development schemes.

However, what really sets the technology apart from other viewing platforms is its ability to bottle data. The automated data captures all choices by clients during the viewing and instantly emails agents, developers and prospective buyers with a record of their favourite selections. Whether assisted by an agent for the walk-through or not, the platform also records numbers of viewings, how long a property is viewed for, and which salespeople the viewings were booked or assisted by.

Data being the new oil, housebuilders will have a treasure trove of information for targeted sales and future developments. “Data collection will also help the planning process by highlighting what different buyers demand in a particular area, which will mean a more insightful study than relying on stats and demographics only and be helpful to local authorities, planners and architects, as well as housebuilders when preparing their planning submissions,” said Tozzi.

The data captured by Triadic Dash provides insight for each stage of the property lifecycle so it will help housebuilders design the right type of property for people’s needs in particular areas, achieve planning and sell more quickly thanks to the ability to use it for off plan properties as well as existing stock.

“Triadic Dash’s data offers a new layer of insight for sales teams and agents enabling them to target more effectively and, of course, convert,” said Tozzi.

Triadic Dash not only allows a fully sensory experience from the comfort of a buyer’s living room, but they can return and view their choices as many times as they like. Buyers can also view and compare multiple properties. While lockdown necessitated remote viewings, buyers are unlikely to return to their old habits now that restrictions have eased.

“Today, people are time-poor and more reticent to view property (at least for the first time) in person,” said Tozzi. “Triadic Dash not only allows a fully sensory experience from the comfort of a buyer’s living room, but they can return and view their choices as many times as they like and be accompanied on the virtual tour by an agent, who they can ask questions to and be talked through all the options. They can also view several properties through the one agent at one time.

“Agents have found many ‘cancellations’ post Covid and this is a way to stem that problem as prospective buyers can find properties they already like before they physically view them in person, or the show home.

“We believe that virtual viewings needed to innovate pre-Covid due to overseas buyers, people who are time poor, and to enable agents, who have faced many cost squeezes over the last few years, greater efficiencies through the sales pipeline. Post-Covid we believe that Triadic Dash can set the benchmark for the future of sales and marketing of property, and new homes in particular.”

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