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This Week In Dash: July 22nd – July 27th | dashnews

This week has been another fantastic week for Dash adoption with plenty of network developments, integrations, and general news. Keep reading to get a summary of the week!

Dash Network Developments of the Week:

  • Dash Claims 10,000 Active Android Wallets in Latin America Thanks to KRIP Mobile, Adoption Initiatives: Dash has surpassed 10,000 active android wallets in Venezuela, which is around 30% of the nearly 35,000 active Android wallets globally. The large growth, despite relatively flat exchange prices, is a sign of Dash’s growing popularity for actual payments rather than only speculation. The large adoption success is also thanks to the many initiatives in the region, including Kripto Mobile, Dash Venezuela, Dash Connects, Dash Text, Dash Help, Dash Colombia, and Dash Latam.
  • Cryptobuyer CEO: Dash Recently “Outpaced Bitcoin” on Latin American Exchange: The CEO of the popular Latin American exchange and POS platform, said how Dash overtook Bitcoin’s transaction volume as the top currency on the Cryptobuyer platform over the past couple months. Cryptobuyer originally added Dash as an alternative to Bitcoin when transaction fees skyrocketed and even took the drastic move of dropping Bitcoin for a period of time.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Dash and BlockchainIntel Partner to Provide Compliance Reporting for Exchanges: BlockchainIntel, a provider of transaction monitoring solutions for blockchains by analyzing transactions and addresses and assigning risk scores based on evidence of possible nefarious activities has partnered with Dash to aid in regulatory compliance for exchanges and other businesses. The integration presents the opportunity for Dash to be integrated and used by companies that are required to follow strict KYC/AML requirements and do not have the bandwidth to check cryptocurrency transactions themselves. Additionally, the integration does not compromise PrivateSend since they are “not tracing back to who sent PrivateSend transactions” and are only “analyzing data to identify patterns in aggregated data”, such as “wallet addresses as belonging to Darknet sites, scams, mixers, exchanges, mining pools and other companies”.
  • Cryptobuyer CEO Plans Zero-Fee Merchant Solutions for Mass Dash Adoption: While not a new integration, Cryptobuyer, which has popular merchant POS systems throughout Latin America with over 40,000 registered users and over 50 large retailers, is now implementing a zero-fee system and shifting the costs to consumers. Their CEO recognizes that charging the spender is not a sustainable model, but hopes this strategy will speed up large merchant adoption and get closer to mass adoption.
  • Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange LATOKEN Lists Dash: The top-ranked cryptocurrency exchange by volume will be integrating Dash thanks to the work by Dash Thailand and Dash Next. LATOKEN’s CEO Valentin Preobrazhenskiy highlighted the uniqueness of Dash and the importance of giving their 400,000+ users access to the coin. Dash will have trading pairs with BTC and USDT and trading fees are 0.05% for pairs with LA and 0.1% for all other pairs, which will further help expand liquidity.
  • Dash Trading Pairs Added to OceanEx Exchange: OceanEx has over 100,000 users and over 700,000 daily trading volume and will be adding Dash against USDT and VET to also help increase Dash liquidity. The exchange charges a 0.1% Maker and a 0.1% Taker fee with a minimum of 0.01 Dash for deposits and withdrawals and paying a 0.001 Dash withdrawal fee. The exchange also allows users to withdraw up to 2 BTC per 24 hour period for non-verified accounts and up to 50 BTC per 24 hour period for verified accounts, which includes submitting name, date of birth, gender, and proof of residence.

Dash Core Group Project Updates of the Week:

Here’s an update from Brian Foster, Front End Product Owner, of what’s going on at Dash Core Group this week.

  • 🔧 DashCore continuing work on Bitcoin backports to benefit from the latest Bitcoin functionality
  • 💻 Created a custom query syntax in Drive to make querying Drive data easier and more secure
  • 🔑 Coded new UI designs for Verify Passphrase Flow on DashWallet for iOS
  • 🚪 Added Logout feature on DashWallet for Android

General News of the Week:

  • Anthony Pompliano – US Dollar Laundered Over 6.5x Entire Crypto Market Cap Last Year: Anthony Pompliano (@APomplian), Co-founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital pointed out that “[t]here was 2 trillion US dollars laundered last year”, which is “more than 6.5X the entire crypto market cap”. The fact highlights the hypocrisy of those calling for bans or badmouthing cryptocurrency because some might allegedly use it for illicit activities. Those same individuals do not call for bans on the US dollar, cell phones, cars, or the variety of many other everyday items that might be used in illicit activities.
  • FDIC Admits to Discriminating Against Gun Stores, Shows Advantage of Decentralized Money: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) within the United States released a statement that admitted its former participation and its intent to stop activities for Operation Choke Point, which had the effect of discriminating against gun stores and other taboo, yet legal businesses. The admission illustrates the need for alternative money choices that are both decentralized so no one party can control others, while also still being usable for everyday purchases like Dash.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Dash News Weekly Recap – Travala 5% Dash-Back, 250+ iQCashNow ATMs, Venezuela Remittances, Dash Hashrate & More!: If you missed last week’s awesome Dash news, make sure to catch up with Heidi’s latest recap video!
  • Dash Core CEO – Online Merchants “Crazy” to Not Accept Dash: Ryan Taylor discussed on Twitter how it is “crazy” for online merchants to not accept Dash since research shows that online merchants allocate as much as $5-$6 of every $100 in sales to fraud detection, in addition to chargebacks on invalid card transactions and card processing fees. Dash helps prevent these occurrences by enabling cheaper transactions as well as eliminating chargebacks, which saves money for merchants. Then more cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchanges are becoming more popular and cheaper like Uphold and Cryptobuyer to accommodate merchants that do not want to deal with volatility.
  • Ryan Taylor – DAPI to Solve Key Business Adoption Barrier for Cryptocurrency: Ryan previously appeared on Startup Grind to discuss Dash and what it is building to achieve mainstream adoption. Included in this is the Dash Drive and DAPI where Drive will serve the purpose of storing data and DAPI will be a decentralized API to enable developers to send and receive data from Drive. The goal is to build a more well-rounded system that will further encourage mass adoption.
  • Dash Podcast 114 – Jan & Fabio Announce Dash Convention Europe & Dashtoberfest!: The guys are joined by Jan and Fabio this week as they make a special announcement for Dashtoberfest! The event was born out of a long desire by Fabio to put Dash in a high visibility area while also getting community members together to discuss current and future Dash strategy and projects in person. The Dash itinerary of the event is still fluid so make sure to listen in to see what is planned and reach out and propose your ideas. The current outline is to combine a Dash Conference with Dashtoberfest.

Dash continues to power ahead with powerful integrations and network developments that further help Dash gain wider adoption. As Dash continues to become more prominent in the payment space, the network will continue to release good news. Make sure to follow Dash News to get these news developments, first.

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