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This Week in Dash: November 4th – November 9th | dashnews

This week has been another successful week for Dash with new developments, integrations, and general news. Keep reading to get a summary of the week.

Dash Integrations of the Week:

  • Chatex P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Telegram Bot to Add Dash With InstantSend: Chatex is a social media bot enabling peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges through its messaging app since it acts as an escrow service until the trade is completed. Dash Thailand, which forged the integration, said that InstantSend will also be supported soon, but the app currently accepts Dash after a single on-blockchain confirmation. Chatex will enable consumers to easily send money back and forth in a casual relationship, much like Venmo enables.
  • Cryptoworth Integrates Dash Streamlining Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management: The multi-purpose asset management solution that provides tools to serve accountants, miners, investors, traders, managers, and enterprises has integrated Dash, which brings new custody-level management tools to everyday individuals. Their multiple pricing tiers for different solutions will not only help give rise to better personal cryptocurrency management, but also more custodial managers that offer more inclusive packages. This helps achieve adoption among individuals that do not want to know every tiny detail about cryptocurrency, but simply want to invest in some and hand it off to someone else to manage.
  • Voyager Cryptocurrency Exchange and Asset Broker Releases Android App: While not a new integration since Voyager previously integrated Dash earlier this year, they are now launching their Android app, which will give them a wider potential audience around the world since Android is more popular than iOS on a global basis. Voyager will provider a simple user interface for more individuals to get involved with cryptocurrency. Plus, Voyager is targeting investors and Dash is already a favorite among cryptocurrency investors thanks to its speed and inexpensiveness that enable them to capture better arbitrage.

Dash Community Outreach of the Week:

  • Dash Force Meetup Contest Winners – October 2019: October was a slow month for Dash meetups with only 2 meet ups in West Africa. Make sure to check out the article to see who won and how to win some Dash of your own by hosting a local meetup.
  • Dash Latin American Teams Chart Path Forward for Cryptocurrency Adoption: Rodrigo Ambrissi of Dash Dinheiro Digital hosted a YouTube video conference with the leaders of Dash Venezuela, Dash Cabimas, Dash Help, Dash Text, Dash Mexico, and Dash Brasil about progress made in their respective sectors and to plan Dash’s growth in Latin America over the coming years. Make sure to check out the video to find out how one of Dash’s most rapidly growing regions is developing.

Dash Core Group Project Updates of the Week:

Here’s an update from Liz Robuck, Chief Product Owner, of what’s going on at Dash Core Group this week.

  • 🧞‍♀️ Made some optimizations in DashCore to input selection for PrivateSend that minimizes the number of inputs to prevent unnecessary load on the network and improve user privacy
  • 🐛 Fixed bug in masternode status where info (like payout address, vote address) is not being updated when a ProUpRegTx is mined in DashCore
  • 🗂 Fixed potential inconsistencies in additional indexes in DashCore (addresses, spent info and timestamps) which could occur if corresponding settings were changed without removing previously downloaded blocks from disk
  • 🚊 Backported a BTC fix for Gitlab failures in DashCore to reduce interruptions to development
  • 🎨 Made a couple fixes to the scrollbars in QT wallet to improve its appearance on macOS
  • 📋 Updated DAPI and Drive to accommodate the new structure of Dash Platform Protocol (called “DPP,” this component describes the rules for state transitions on Dash Platform)
  • 💪 Finished the Query Indices epic in Dash Platform, which optimizes querying of data in Drive for a better development experience
  • 📱 Completed work on several security-related screens and the notification widget on DashWallet iOS as part of the UI redesign
  • 🔒 Completed work on the BLS Integrated Encryption Scheme in DashPay Android to support security on Evolution

Dash Research of the Week:

  • Omni Analytics: Masternode Cryptocurrency Market Cap Mirrors Twitter Presence: The data and statistical consultants have discovered that cryptocurrency projects that employ masternode infrastructure tend to be related to Twitter activity. Dash was ranked in the top five according to likes per tweet and also ranked significantly higher than all other masternode coins. Omni Analytics is not the first to gauge crypto sentiment since eToro recently partnered with TIE-LongOnly CopyPortfolio to create a cryptocurrency index that tracks sentiments of various coins on Twitter and had a reported 47% of its entire makeup consisting of Dash at launch.

General News of the Week:

  • Sensitive Data Leak from Camgirl Site Reveals Importance of Data and Financial Privacy: Barcelona’s VTS Media left a database for its camgirl network unprotected for weeks, which exposed months of logs for millions of people. The leak is not the first since data from hundreds of millions of consumer accounts have already been exposed through other leaks and hacks. It highlights the need for more private methods of payments that do not store user data and create a honeypot for hackers.
  • J.P. Morgan Plans to Use E-Wallet to Circumvent Payment Competitors, Possibly Cryptocurrency Testing Grounds: The large institutional bank is working on a new “e-wallet” for companies such as Airbnb, Lyft, Amazon.com, and more to act more like banks, while J.P. Morgan can still retain rights to handling all of that companies’ money. Some are speculating that this might be a testing ground for their JPM Coin since the goal is not to be interchangeable with other ecosystems. Alternatively, Dash and other cryptocurrencies offer consumers and these companies the ability to be there own bank without requiring them to be locked into a single ecosystem.
  • Ripple CEO Says 99% of Cryptocurrencies Will Fail and Go to Zero: The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, said in a Bloomberg interview that he believes that only the coins that are “focused on solving a real problem for real customers” will survive and thinks that means that 99% of coins will fail. During Bitcoin’s network congestion, its market share dropped from over 90% to 33% in January of 2018 and is now back up to around 66.8%. Dash has recognized this need and has focused on actually helping individuals solve their payment pain points and has thus seen its real economic transactions grow by 178% annually.

Dash Media of the Week:

  • Dash Podcast 129 Feat. Hytham Abdel-Karim Dash Investment Foundation Supervisor: This week, Hytham joins the podcast to talk about his Dash origin story, how Dash’s usage and performance is unconnected to its exchange price, the importance of user interface, exchange and ATM integrations. They also discuss how there were two new Dash Investment Foundation supervisors added since the workload became larger than expected, potential companies that the DIF are evaluating, how Hytham is liking the DIF so far, and other important subjects. Make sure to tune it to not miss this valuable knowledge!

This has been another productive week for Dash with new developments, integrations, analysis, and general news despite a lackluster week for the exchange price. Make sure to follow Dash News to see the future network news that is released and how it will help achieve better user adoption.

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