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Voyager, a cryptocurrency exchange and asset broker that has been available in the iOS app store and previously integrated Dash early this year, is now releasing their beta version of the Android app store to reach a larger audience.

The Voyager Android app is here! Learn more about the launch @cryptodailyuk.https://t.co/p7SPHPToaD

— Voyager (@investvoyager) November 3, 2019

The launch of the android app comes near the end of 2019. Voyager offers their users smart order routing to maximize profits on trades and Voyager takes some of the gains in the spreads, giving their users commission-free trades in return. Starting on “Nov. 1, customers can earn 3% interest per annum on their Bitcoin and 5% interest on ETHOS (soon to be the Voyager token) held in Voyager”, which is a significant savings interest rate over traditional banks.

Voyager also went public on the Toronto Securities Exchange and Frankfurt Exchange in order to raise additional funds, which helped give them the necessary capital to attain proper licensing to to the entire US market. They also currently have plans to launch internationally by the end of the year, where the Android app will play a major role since Android is more popular in a global perspective.

Marketing cryptocurrency trading to consumers’ preferences

Voyager simplified higher-level cryptocurrency management and trading across multiple platforms by rolling these services into one friendly UI/UX solution to gain a competitive edge over other cryptocurrency exchange competitors. Now this will be amplified by bringing the platform to Android, which has a global market share of 85.1% compared to iOS market share of 14.8% in 2017. While in the US, the split between iOS/Android is fairly even at around 59.5%/40.4%, other countries have predominant Android usage such as 20.9%/75.5% for iOS/Android in Nigeria or 20.5%/79.2% in Malaysia.

These competitive trading structures of cryptocurrency companies can even compete with legacy platforms like Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and E*Trade, which are beginning to offer commission free trades to appeal to younger audiences and compete with the likes of Robinhood. While these legacy trading firms offer more infrastructure and options, they do not always handle user data well.  For example, it is publicly known that Robinhood sells user data to high frequency traders, who may often profit by taking trades against the consumer data that they were sold.

Dash’s potential appeal to investors and traders

Dash has become a favorite among investors thanks to its fast speed and inexpensive transactions that make it possible to take advantage of arbitrage across different cryptocurrency exchanges. Investors will now be able to have this done automatically via the Voyager smart routing feature in the app, but a larger spread from Dash arbitrage potentially means a larger take for Voyager with less affect on users’ profits, and thus more sustainability as a platform that can continue offering a user friendly entrance to cryptocurrency investing.

Dash’s focus on real world usability and adoption, along with its recent launch of ChainLocks makes it a favorable long-term investment and has even been recommended by various investment institutions, such as Palm Beach Group, in the past. However, as Ryan Taylor has previously explained, the Dash price does not necessarily have to reflect the actual coin’s usage and thus there still remains value in Dash for investors that discover its advantages over other coins.

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