Dash-cam video shows car narrowly avoiding wrong-way vehicle on Gardiner – CityNews Toronto

Two passengers are praising their driver’s quick reflexes after the car they were travelling in narrowly avoided a collision with another vehicle that was allegedly going the wrong way on the Gardiner Expressway.

The incident, which according to passenger Alvin Le happened early Saturday morning, was all caught on their car’s dash-cam.

Le said he and two of his other friends were headed home to Mississauga at around 3:18 a.m. when they noticed something strange ahead on the expressway just passed the Islington Avenue interchange.

“We were chatting about the night when all of [a] sudden we noticed a light appear in the distance in front of us,” said Le. “We did not think much of it at the time.”

Le said at first they thought it was a construction crew on the highway.

“At first it looked like the light lamps used during construction; however, as the driver continued we noticed the lights getting closer and they are quite low,” he said. “It looked like the lights could have been on the shoulder or in the lane and it was only a matter of seconds when the driver noticed it was an incoming car driving towards us.”

It was at that point Le said their driver quickly steered into the right lane — all without losing control of the vehicle.

“The passenger in the backseat was not aware/prepared for the evasive maneuver and had their head jerked to the right,” Le said. “Luckily we all were wearing our seat belts.”

Le said they were all “quite shaken up by the near hit,” but all three made it home safely to Mississauga.

In the dash-cam video from their vehicle, what appears to be another car’s headlights can be seen on the highway ahead.  Less than a minute later, the vehicle veers to the right to avoid what appears to be a car driving the wrong way in the far left lane. Without skipping a beat, the driver quickly recovers control and guides the vehicle safely into the centre lane.

Le says they have filed a report with the Toronto police and says he is grateful for his friend’s driving skills.

“Looking back at the incident I am thankful for the driver and his calm demeanour during the situation,” Le said. “They were in control of their vehicle and if it weren’t for them we could have all been dead.”

CityNews has reached out to Toronto police for comment. They confirmed the incident “is being actively investigated.”

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