David Davis demands Britain copies Germany on coronavirus and drop dangerous habit

Former Brexit secretary David Davis insisted the UK should be looking internationally on how best to deal with coronavirus crisis. While speaking on Times Radio, Mr Davis argued the UK could learn from Germany in this regard. He also praised the country for its furlough type scheme and said the UK should look at implementing it as it could pose fewer risks.

Mr Davis said: “Of course, coronavirus is a huge challenge.

“Let us be fair to the Government, coronavirus is the biggest challenge in peace-time that any Government has faced in a generation.

“The Government has obviously got a lot on its plate.”

Mr Davis noted that the Government would have to learn some hard lessons in the fight against coronavirus.

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He continued: “Some hard learning is the first thing really.

“Take coronavirus itself, we now know how to do quite a lot of things we didn’t know back in January.

“We should also look across the world and look at what other countries are doing.

“We do tend to have this habit in Britain, and not just this Government as it is true of any Government, of wanting to reinvent the wheel at every turn.”

“That is true directly for coronavirus but is also true for the end of the furlough.

“The Germans use a completely different system of dealing with this issue.

“It has looked to be slightly more effective and at least seems to have lower risks.”

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